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Welcome to the KB9YQU Repeater

This site was setup to give you a little background on us. KB9YQU and KM6X were always talking about how cool it would be to have their our own repeater. Well fate and Lady Luck struck us pretty good, and here we are today. This repeater is for all to use. We thought at first it would be neat to keep it private, but then we realized we would run out of things to talk about. So we welcome all to use and enjoy this repeater, thats what Ham Radio is all about. It not the best or the most powerful machine but it should give good coverage in the local area. As new things happen and or changes come up we will try to keep everyone updated here on the website.

Repeater Info

444.200  pl 127.3 

 04/23/08  Finally the Repeater is up and running. Its still in the testing stage and we hope for some improvements down the line.   A Major Thanks goes out to Ralph N9BDR the repeater GURU, without his help and guidence this would not have happened especially as quick as it did.  The Repeater resides on 444.200 with a PL tone of 127.3 and with some serious testing down the pike should turn out to be one heck of a machine.

05/18/08  We upgraded the feedline to hardline and OH what a difference. The Repeater is singing now. KM6X is so happy cause now he has Arm Chair copy from his home QTH Patio with an HT in one hand and a cold glass of Ice Tea in the other. The next project we hope to do some day is to upgrade the Antenna. Well hang in there and we will keep you posted and things change around here. Enjoy the Repeater

06/??/08  We added Ecolink to the repeater now so everyone will be able to enjoy this new feature. Ecolink will be connected all the time unless we run into any issue from this. So enjoy and visit the repeater often.

09/24/08  We upgraded our antenna to a commercial uhf antenna. This has improved coverage overall and seems to have improved the westward coverage.

08/2011 thru 09/2011:  Met our sister city "Seligenstadt" hams from Germany. We have had many great contacts via echolink with Ansgar DL5ZBS and his fellow hams in Seligenstadt. We hope this friendship will go on for ever and bring our country's closer via the Ham community.

03/06/13 Well here are some updates of now. We lost our Internet at the repeater site so no Echolink. I also received notice that I have to remove the repeater from its current site and find a new one. This will all happen some time by the end of March or April. I will keep you updated as I know more. In the mean time I may set it up temporaly at my home QTH if the coordinators let me. Untill we find a new home wish us luck. If you know of any possible site please email me with contact info. 

11/2013  Good news we found a new site and hope to within the next few months move the repeater there. The new site should give good coverage and maybe even a little better than the present site. We lose our high gain antenna but gain some elevation and a shorter feed line. Wish us luck. 


Picture Below of KM6X in his Shack

Who we are

KB9YQU  Thats me Gregg. I was licensed back in 2000 and finally upgraded to General in 2007. I have always been into radio and electronics since i was a kid. I love Ham radio it is one of the best hobbies anyone can have. So many different aspects and diversities to it. You can take it as far or get into it as little as you want. You meet so many exciting and interesting people thru this great hobby of ours.  Well i hope you enjoy the repeater and use it often, and some day we will have a qso and maybe an eyeball qso too. 73   KB9YQU

KM6X  I'm James, KM6X "kick me six times" I was licensed way back in 1979. But I was fooling around with electronics and communications long before that. I have enjoyed many QSO's on HF and stay busy on VHf as well. Recently I discovered CW and dabble in that at times. Well the hope here is that all the pieces will come together with this project and we can get on the air. If you want to assist in any way, contact Gregg or myself.

Any comments or thoughts and suggestions please feel free to email us with those. We are new to this repeater owning thing and welcome all suggestions. We both love and enjoy ham radio for all its diversity and hope to talk to you soon on the bands be it thru the repeater or maybe on HF